Advanced Acne Therapies

You will find over-the-counter treatments for acne, prescription topical creams, oral contraceptives and cosmetic operation. How can you know what’s ideal for you? From time to time, treatment or prevention of acne isn’t possible and severe scarring occurs. This scarring can happen on the face, torso, neck, shoulders and back, wherever the person was acne-stricken. It’s physically and mentally scarring, impacting one?s life indefinitely. Physicians have developed a codification method for acne scarring which will aid a patient in diagnosis and treatment. Icepick scars will be the most typical and are deep and narrow, descending broadly into the dermis or subcutaneous layers. Rolling scars give skin a rippled texture and appearance resulting from folds from the subcutaneous layer of tissue.

There are varying degrees of cosmetic procedures available to help rejuvenate and correct skin damaged from discoloration.

Microdermabrasion: This treatment is similar to a chemical peel and also achieves exfoliation of skin. Crystals are blown onto the skin via a hand-held apparatus which divides the surface of the skin. The crystals along with the skin care skin cells have been vacuumed away, unclogging pores and improving the complexion. This course of action is not permanent and requires a series of treatments to get the best results.

Scar Revision: Ice select and boxcar scars can be effectively treated with this treatment. These procedures are done with local anesthesia to remove scar tissue. Surgical excisions are made, in the shape of a punch and suture process. The circular scar is replaced with a linear suture scar which could be further treated. Subcision cuts can also be treated using a sharp instrument that simplifies the foundation of the scar. There are no sutures for this procedure and further treatment with dermal filler substances can be administered.

Resurfacing: Ablative Laser Treatments and Dermabrasion are therapies which affect the surface layer of the skin, causing skin to reproduce younger skin which creates new collagen. A cable or brush strips the surface unevenness of the skin. This really is a mechanical procedure that’s most effective for significant scarring and can be combined with fillers or excision processes.

Dermal Fillers
– Fat, hyaluronic acid derivatives, collagen and polythene-methacrylate microspheres with hydration may be injected to renew scar depth and smooth out the skin. This is not a permanent correction and continued shots are essential.

Laser and light therapies can penetrate the dermis and subcutaneous layers of the skin and leave the surface of the skin unharmed. Laser treatments harm the adrenal glands, rendering less sebum production. Propionibacterium acne is influenced by light treatment, reducing inflammation and destroying the bacterium. Skin texture is improved and look of scars is lessened. These therapies may be used for both the active acne and scarred tissue.

Blue light treatment – An ongoing collection of painless low-intensity blue light is put on the skin where discoloration and blemishes have occurred. These sessions last about 15 minutes and may change the pigment of the skin and cause dryness and swelling.

Pulsed heat and light energy therapy- Sebum production is diminished by shrinking the sebaceous glands with heat and light. Heat and green-yellow light is administered to mild or moderate acne. Redness of skin can happen.

Diode laser therapy – This is a possibly painful therapy, destroying sebaceous glands in the dermis while not impacting the skin. Analgesics may be implemented to lessen the pain of the treatment ahead. Swelling and redness occur post-treatment.

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